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Christmas is almost upon us and for many of you it means every year traditions, but no matter what the tradition your family celebrates, the pinnacle of the day before or day of centers around the kitchen table.

When people talk about Christmas, what do they usually talk about? The food, right? But in my family, depending on who’s hosting that year, the Christmas Dinner meal will be different. My grandmother, for instance, is very traditional – her spread includes classics like turkey, cranberry relish, and mashed potatoes. Her dining room table is absolutely covered in food and in what little space is left, she displays her ornate candelabra. It’s one of those heavy, bronze candelabras that has been passed down from generation to generation. And it’s huge, but so beautifully detailed. And she adorns the cadelabra with classic tapers from Colonial candle,  a favorite of her is the 10 inch red classic tapers.

With the rise of the minimalist, modern, Scandinavian-style, we’ll be gathering around a very sleek and simple table this year. The long, dining room table is covered with a sleek table runner, consisting of carefully selected decor and 12 inch white handipt tapers. The “hand dipped” taper style might have an older origin than the classic, but they’re making a comeback.

It doesn't matter how your Christmas table is decorated - decorations are not a necessity, but they do add a little flair. 

Check out the selection of Colonial Candle Tapers to add some flair to your table 

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